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Chain guide rail and guard vehicle manufacturing and transportation industry: The main products are dump trucks, dump liners, and impact resistant parts for train vehicles.

Paper industry: mainly produces vacuum suction tank panels and wipers, pressure-tight components, joints, motorized sealing shafts, blade guide wheels, scrapers, filters, etc.
Textile industry: manufacturing all kinds of leather knots, fiber rolls, shuttle sticks, gears, and connections. Anti-impact and wear-resistant parts such as sweep rods, buffer blocks, rod sleeves, swinging back beams, etc.
Catering light industry: manufacturing panels, cutting boards, work panels, cams, gears, etc.
Ceramic industry: manufacturing various specifications of rolling heads, filter plates, wheels, etc.
Sports industry: ski lining, track and snow automotive parts, glider flooring, steel ball device parts, various bearing bushings, rolling fairways, snowmobile parts, etc.

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