Several categories of high-density polyethylene board industry applications

Several categories of high-density polyethylene board industry applications
We have talked a lot about high-density polyethylene boards before. Next, we will explain the application of MDF for you. See specific instructions below.
Furniture industry: all kinds of modular furniture, table furniture. Used to produce various furniture accessories, such as panels, side panels, rear panels, office screens, etc.
Building decoration industry: Typical uses include: laminate flooring (ordinary or moisture-resistant MDF), wall panels, ceilings, doors, door skins and door openings, various interior partitions, stairs, baseboards, frames and other building accessories, various Decorative line of decorative plates. Vehicle and ship manufacturing; MDF can be used as the interior decoration of ships, trains and automobiles, and can replace plywood, but when the environment is humid and fire protection requirements are high, it can be solved by veneering or using a special type of MDF.
Audio equipment: High-density polyethylene board has good acoustic performance, which is very suitable for speakers, TV casings, and musical instruments.
Other uses: High-density polyethylene boards can also be used in a variety of occasions, such as: box frames, packaging boxes, ceiling fan blades, heels, toy puzzle blocks, bell cases, billboards outdoor signs, display platforms, shallow trays, table tennis Pool tables, sculptures, models, etc.
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