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Whether UHMWPE board will be affected by material humidity

Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) sheet is a thermoplastic engineering plastic with excellent properties. The finished sheet has been widely used in various fields. Bulk materials in silos, chutes, hoppers, or other containers, and the storage and transportation of these materials in chutes, hoppers, conveyor chutes, and similar equipment are often caused by agglomeration, bridging, or freezing of materials. However, solving these problems is time consuming. Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene lining is a way to solve these problems. Due to the use of ultra-high molecular weight polyolefin material lining has the following advantages:
High abrasion resistance and extremely low coefficient of friction to prevent material flow from being obstructed during bridge erection; extremely low water absorption. It is not wet by water and is not affected by the humidity of the material. Therefore, the material will not appear on the lining wall, especially for open-air operation, nor will the wet material and container freeze together due to low temperature, which meets hygienic standards. UHMWPE board is a odorless, odorless and non-toxic material. Therefore, contact with food and medicine is allowed.
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