Outrigger floor is mainly used for support under the legs of construction machinery (crane, crane, pump truck, etc.)

The outrigger bottom plate is mainly used for supporting under the outriggers of construction machinery (crane, crane, pump truck, etc.).

The base plate of the leg is generally made of polymer materials, extruded or extruded at high pressure, or processed by a molded plate.
The base plate of the outrigger has high strength and rigidity, which greatly reduces the deformation of the body when the base plate is stressed, and provides more powerful support for engineering machinery. The utility model greatly saves the use cost and improves the work efficiency.
The leg bottom plate is composed of a plate-shaped bottom plate body and a hand rope. The plate-like bottom plate body is made of uhmw / hdpe polymer composite material. Polyethylene polymer synthetic material backing plate, with four corners supporting 60mm, pressure bearing capacity of 15-18t / cm or more, can be used normally in harsh environments, and it is better to bend than to break when overloaded. The general dimensions are 600 * 600 * 60mm, 500 * 500 * 50mm. Of course, special sizes can be processed on request.


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