High polymer polyethylene sheet has good appearance

High polymer polyethylene sheet has good appearance

The high-molecular-weight polyethylene board is a foam type L600 with an expansion ratio of about 0. Its appearance is pure black. The surface is not smooth enough to see clear pores. The color is very strong, just like wood board. But the elasticity is not as good as the L1100 closed-hole plate. Both tensile strength and tensile strength are high, exceeding the high quality of foam boards. Due to the characteristics and cost of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) closed orifice plates, they are often used in high-speed rail vehicles, airports, control panel dams and other large and medium-sized hydropower projects.

During the construction of this project, polymer polyethylene boards can be used in various ways according to the situation. Adopt vertical watertight seam, horizontal watertight seam and its joints. Polyethylene-polyethylene foam board has the unique advantages of high recovery rate, no water absorption, impact resistance, weather resistance, solvent resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and aging resistance.
During installation, use cement mortar on the surface of concrete and polyethylene foam board, and mix it with the glue to be calculated according to the planning method. Then the polyethylene foam board was glued to the concrete surface and fixed with nails. In order to better install the closed polymer polyethylene plate, its cross section can be planned and shaped, and the forming process can be formulated.

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