UHMWPE board is widely used

Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene sheet has become a widespread application in the wear-resistant plate industry. Its ultra-high cost performance has been widely recognized by users. Therefore, in the application of the information environment of wear-resistant plates installed in various polymers, we understand Specific number, then we explain in detail:
Installation and application of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene board under various environmental conditions, can be designed according to the assembly and connection structure can be customized according to user requirements, easy to install and maintain, such as the installation of hoppers, chutes with very difficult mine operation conditions, application of metallurgy The supply funnel of the industry can completely solve the problem that bonds will be blocked during the transportation process, and realize safe and efficient production.
UHMWPE board use: Can be widely used in liquid, solid, solid-liquid mixture funnels, troughs, transportation flaps, scraper conveyors in mining, coal preparation plants, metallurgical industry, power plants, shipbuilding The application of skids, vibrating screens, flotation liners, freight liners, large liners, liners for cars and dump trucks, wear and corrosion resistance, has unique advantages. We will also continue to improve the performance of polymer wear-resistant plates, and strive to make them more widely used. Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene plates are required. You can contact us in time.

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