Make construction of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene sheet simple

Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene sheet is a kind of high-quality sheet, which is gradually being widely used in various industries. During the production and installation of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene sheet, small wastes are accumulated and waste is lost. Unfortunately, we need to waste production The reasonable use of paper in the production and installation of PE boards during the process can also remove the ethylene project and continue to use it without waste. If it is a waste in the production process, it can be processed into a sample customer; the board installation length is dealt with, which truly spans the site, according to the board and different lengths for other items. Therefore, the high price of the ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene plate and the environmental protection and energy saving of the PE plate have attracted everyone's attention.
For the raw materials of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene sheet made of inert molecular materials and raw materials with poor fluidity, the choice of raw materials in production is very important, because it is difficult for the poor to cause the fluidity of the materials and increase the problem of gas. Add lubricant, choose stearic acid and its salts. This production of PE sheet is uniform and free of bubbles.
In the production of UHMWPE boards, the selection and construction of main raw materials must be reasonably operated in accordance with the instructions to fully display its performance. More information on UHMWPE boards will continue to be arranged for you ,Welcome to consult.


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