(Temperature) Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene sheet has good abrasion resistance

Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene sheet has good abrasion resistance, which is 4-7 times that of carbon steel and stainless steel. Its impact strength is much higher than nylon, and it also has ultra low temperature, corrosion resistance and electrical properties. Its self-lubricating performance is equivalent to ice, which is good among all engineering plastics.

Since the temperature of the ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene sheet reaches a certain level and the reactance is reduced, such a circuit breaker phenomenon is easy to occur, and even serious accidents are caused. The sheet is not available, and it can have excellent performance in a wide temperature range Electrical performance, the temperature of the board is very high, it can ensure that the breakdown voltage is 50kV / mm. If the voltage reaches 50,000 V to 1 mm, pass through the polyethylene pad, thus its excellent capacity. With the rapid development of product quality, polyethylene sheets have gradually begun to replace highly wear-resistant metal and plastic materials. The rise of mechanical parts and special-shaped parts has huge market demand potential.


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