11 characteristics and features of nylon pads

What are the characteristics of nylon pads?

Nylon gasket is a new type of engineering plastic sheet. The performance of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene sheet is special. Xiaobian summarizes eleven characteristics for everyone. The following Xiaobian introduces you in detail: 1. Even at low temperature. Best shock resistance.

2. Low coefficient of friction, good material for sliding bearings

3. Lubricity (non-caking, adhesion)

4. The best chemical resistance and stress crack resistance

5.Excellent machining ability

6. Minimum water absorption rate (<0.01%)

7. Electrical insulation and antistatic performance

8. High energy radioactivity is good

9. There is always abrasion resistance in thermoelectric polymers.

10. The density is lower than other thermoplastics (<1g / m3)

11. Long-term use temperature range: -269 กใ C-90 กใ C

The above are the characteristics of nylon pads and the reason why UHMWPE sheet is widely used. I hope the above summary by Xiaobian will be helpful to everyone.


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