Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene board is resistant to high and low temperatures

Product features of UHMWPE board: Improved abrasion resistance. One of the most obvious features of the advanced molecular weight polyethylene is its extremely high abrasion resistance, which is very valuable in many engineering applications. Of all plastics, its wear resistance is the best, even the regular abrasiveness of many metal materials (such as carbon steel, stainless steel, bronze, etc.) is not as good as it. As the molecular weight of polyethylene increases, this information becomes more resistant to wear.

Extremely high impact resistance. The impact strength of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene is related to its molecular weight. When the molecular weight is less than 2 million, the impact strength increases as the molecular weight increases, reaching a peak at about 2 million. At this time, the molecular weight increases after impact. Will fall. This is because the molecular chain often hinders its photo-crystallizing effect, so that there is a large amorphous region in the macromolecule and therefore it can absorb larger impact energy.

According to literature data, the impact strength values of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene and other plastics measured according to ASTM-D256 method are derived from the comparison: the normal temperature impact resistance of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene can be divided into polycarbons known as impact resistance Ester is better than common engineering plastics. Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene has strong impact resistance even at low temperature of -40 ℃.

Even at the liquid-gas temperature of -269 ℃, it can still adhere to a better impact resistance function. This excellent low-temperature characteristic extends the application of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene to low-temperature engineering. Very low coefficient of friction. Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene is very wear-resistant, has a low friction coefficient, and has excellent self-lubricity. It is an aspiring bearing bushing, slider, and fabric material.


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