The significance of production of high-density polyethylene board

We are a well-known manufacturer specializing in the production of coal warehouse wear plates. How much do you know about the production process of wear plates? How important is the application process to the application of wear plates? I believe many users are more concerned about this problem, and then our professionals will explain it to you, hoping to help you.

When the coal warehouse wear plate does not have internal welding ribs, it is easy to cause the problem that the wear plate is not tightly combined with the wear plate. If the hole is too large, the wear plate may shrink. The expansion and contraction of the wear-resistant plate causes the inner end of the wear-resistant plate end of the coal warehouse to wear and shrink. The crystallinity of the wear-resistant plate is different from that of metal, and the crystallinity of the crystalline resin is less than 100%. After a period of time, as the degree of cross-linking increases, shrinkage easily occurs. Therefore, the choice of the production process of hdpe is of great significance to the application of the product.

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